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How to Prepare to Meet With A Probate Lawyer

Probate lawyer Michael Colton is now accepting new clients to work with. Schedule your free consultation today. Many people call and ask ” what documents do I need to bring to my first Probate law meeting?”  In order to be properly prepared for your free consultation with a Michigan Probate lawyer, you will need the following copies:

  • gift tax returns Probate Lawyer Michael W. Colton, PLLC
  • deeds of property
  • prior trust agreements
  • wills or trust agreements from decedent
  • any life insurance policies
  • applications for public benefits (examples: Social Security)

Schedule Your Free Consultation With A Michigan Probate Lawyer

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Predisposing Factors Contributing to Undue Influence

In probate law, “undue influence” is the most common ground for will contests. Undue influence is defined as influence by which a person is induced to act otherwise than by their own free will or without adequate attention to the consequences. Furthermore, “undue influence” is only an issue when the advisor is directly benefiting from the will. If the advisor is getting a benefit from someone else then it is considered fraud. Three classes of variables can contribute to Undue Influence which are predisposing factors, vulnerability enhancers , and execution variables. This blog post is only focusing on predisposing factors in Michigan.

Predisposing factors are certain characteristics that make an individual susceptible to being manipulated.

Some predisposing factors are:

Diminished Mental Capacity

A diminished mental capacity can occur when mental functions deteriorate in effectiveness. Someone who is having trouble recalling information must depend on someone else’s memory. This puts the person with a diminished mental capacity at risk for being exploited.


During depression people experience intense negative feelings and poor mental functioning. This includes having problems with concentration, attention, memory, and other cognitive functions. The other symptoms of depression such as lack of energy, social withdrawal, sleep disturbance , and apathy make the depressed people more susceptible to abandon things that require significant thought or effort.


People depend on other people for a variety of reasons. People can depend on others for the following reasons including physical assistance, psychological needs, emotional attachment, mental stimulation and social connectivity.

Other predisposing factors are death of a spouse , social attention, undetected pathology , isolation and anxiousness. Do you believe your love one was a victim of predisposing factors that lead to undue influence? Contact Colton Probate Law today to request an appointment. 

What is Probate?

After a person’s death, the assets are required to be administered through the court and overlooked by a judge. Whether the deceased person had created a will or not, this process is mandatory. The premises the deceased person owned then has to be distributed to their heirs. This legal procedure is known as probate. Probate law in Michigan helps determine who will receive the assets or property of the deceased.

The probate process deals with distinguishing and funding the deceased person’s property, evaluating and calculating the worth of the property, and then paying taxes and the beneficiary from the belongings of the probate estate. The distribution of the deceased person’s items are either decided by reading the will or under the state law where the probate estate is located if no will is present.

Michael Colton, a probate lawyer in Farmington, Hills Michigan, provides the same services as larger firms to his small firm business. Benefits of going to Colton Probate Law are that they offer personal services and no substratum of administration which may interfere the progress. This probate law attorney of Michigan helps you make wise decisions based on your legal matters.

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