A brief consultation can help you determine if a will is appropriate for your situation. We can help you prepare and file a Last Will and Testament that legally designates your heir and represents your intent in the probate process to provide for your spouse, children, friends, or charitable gifts. A properly executed Will can help reduce expenses and avoid delays.

There are many ways to go about creating a Will on your own. You can even have a hand-written and signed document, which does not have to be notarized, or you can search for an online Will registrar. The problem with using these options when preparing your Will is that it is not filed legally. Thus, leaves room for altering or misplacement.

You want to ensure that your Will is being handled properly. As your Will preparation Attorney, Michael Colton will provide the security of making sure that your will is honored.

Having a will ensures that assets are given to the proper person in which the deceased wished.  It speeds up the process, saving loved ones time, effort and money.  As well as, allowing for quicker access to their inheritance. Without a proper will, your loved ones can wait for months or even years before receiving their share of the inheritance. Will preparation attorney Michael Colton will make sure your assets are in the hands of those you leave them for.  

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