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Probate or Guardianship Process

Finding the right attorney for your guardianship or probate needs can be a trying time. From deciding which lawyer will properly handle your case to the grief and emotions that are flowing during such a troubling time can be difficult. Michael Colton of Farmington Hills, MI has been working with Oakland County residents helping to guide them through the court process with ease.

After the unfortunate event of a relativescourt death ensuring that property and guardianship is properly disbursed via the deceased’s will, it is highly encouraged that you hire a lawyer to help with the process. Residents of Southfield, MI, Farmington or Farmington Hills, Michigan or Livonia, Mich. often turn to Colton Probate law for guidance.

Because we understand that finding the perfect lawyer can be tough, at Coloton Probate Law, we will offer you a free consultation so that you can see Attorney Michael Colton is the probate lawyer for you. So, before the going gets rough contact the Michigan law office of Michael Colton and let him help ease your way through the probate or guardianship process in Oakland County, Michigan.

What is Probate?

After a person’s death, the assets are required to be administered through the court and overlooked by a judge. Whether the deceased person had created a will or not, this process is mandatory. The premises the deceased person owned then has to be distributed to their heirs. This legal procedure is known as probate. Probate law in Michigan helps determine who will receive the assets or property of the deceased.

The probate process deals with distinguishing and funding the deceased person’s property, evaluating and calculating the worth of the property, and then paying taxes and the beneficiary from the belongings of the probate estate. The distribution of the deceased person’s items are either decided by reading the will or under the state law where the probate estate is located if no will is present.

Michael Colton, a probate lawyer in Farmington, Hills Michigan, provides the same services as larger firms to his small firm business. Benefits of going to Colton Probate Law are that they offer personal services and no substratum of administration which may interfere the progress. This probate law attorney of Michigan helps you make wise decisions based on your legal matters.

For more information on probate law, contact us today at 248.324.0800 for a free consultation.

Probate Lawyer for Southfield Michigan

Dealing with the death of a family member is never easy, in any way. So when it comes to taking care of probate claims and forms, and transferring assets, you’ll want to make sure you have an experienced probate lawyer on your side in the Southfield Michigan area.

With over 30 years of experience under his belt Michael Colton has earned his title as one of the most trusted probate lawyers serving the Southfield, MI area. As, licensed real estate broker, he is qualified to handle a number of tasks in the preparation and administration of a person’s estate. In addition to drafting the will, and planning the disposition of a client’s property through that will, an estate attorney must also administer any trusts that are suitable for a client’s purposes.

You may not realize how problematic drafting a will actually is. Save the headache and family arguments by leaving it in the hands of Michael Colton, an estate planning attorney in Southfield, Michigan. By doing this, you are entrusting a probate lawyer that can make sure appropriate procedure is followed and that the assets of your loved one are dispersed properly and not taken on by the government at a later time.

Colton Probate Law also wants to take on responsibility as executor of the will. Those set to inherit property may be scattered throughout the country, or even the world. From finding assets, to distributing property, to contacting heirs and the creditors of the deceased, let us be your all-in-one probate and estate planning attorney if you live in the Southfield MI area. Contact Colton Probate Law today!

There is no reason to fret over the probate process. Contact us today at 248-324-0800 for a free consultation.

Attorney Michael Colton reviews

Would you like someone to review your situation and help determine if it is the right time to create your Will? Or have you had a bad experience with probate not being properly handled? Either way, if you need help or believe that something was not handled correctly, Attorney Michael Colton of Farmington Hills Michigan can address any concern you may have.

For many, writing a will is a very troubling time. You may wonder when the time comes, if everything will be settled properly. Don’t wait to take away that worry and weight off your shoulders! When Probate Attorney Michael Colton reviews your existing Will or helps you with your estate planning, you will have that peace of mind you need.

Michigan’s Probate Lawyers Gather for 51st Annual Conference

MI Probate Conference




The country’s best Probate and Estate Planning section opened its second half century of annual conferences yesterday with the ICLE Probate and Estate Planning Institute at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Michigan, setting conference attendance records.

In addition to ICLE’s usual high quality programming, a highlight this year was the presentation of the George A. Cooney Society award to long-time Michigan probate superstar John Martin. George Cooney was a greatly esteemed Michigan probate lawyer and the society in his name was created to recognize outstanding contributions to continuing legal education.

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