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Managing Deceased Estates in Oak Park, Michigan

Oak Park residents, do you know how a person is picked to manage the estate of someone who passes on? Most of the time this is decided through someone’s will. The person nominated by the maker of the will to carry out the directions of that will is known as an executor.

Those tinkering with their will and estate planning in Michigan will obviously want to select someone they trust with their assets and finances. On the flip side, those selected to become the executor of the will inherit a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Collecting property
  • Finding the beneficiaries
  • Helping to arrange the funeral
  • Paying off debts and outstanding bills
  • Securing Assets
  • Settling feuds between other family members or beneficiaries in the will

But what if there is no will left behind? Well, if a probate court proceeding is deemed necessary, the spouse or registered domestic partner of the deceased will almost always have first priority under law, depending on the state. If there is no spouse, it would be the child of the deceased. If there happens to be more than one child, they would all stand in equal position. If there is no agreement made by the interested partners, a judge will appoint a person to manage the deceased’s estate.

Handling tasks and sorting through the details can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to get consultation from an experienced estate planning attorney in Oak Park, Michigan to help walk you through the intestate succession laws, which sort out the inheritance of property if no will exists.

To learn more about managing the estate of the deceased Oak Park properly and professionally, contact Michael Colton, an estate planning specialists, at Colton Probate Law. A trusted estate planning lawyer in Oak Park Michigan for over 30 years, Michael Colton can help you through any issues you’re having as executor of a will, or constructing a will. Call today for more information or to receive a free consultation. 248-324-0800.


What You Should Know: Durable Power of Attorney

Understanding power of attorney, can be a difficult task for some, but we are here to help! Many times elderly residents, or those who have become severely ill will stress about how they are going to handle their finances, or if they are physically and mentally stable enough to do so on their own. This is where Durable Power of Attorney comes in.

When selecting someone to be your Power of Attorney, ensuring that you trust them to make financial or responsible decisions on your behalf is extremely important. Once a person is legally deemed to be your Power of Attorney, they will be able to access personal files, such as bank accounts, medical records, and sign documents on your behalf.

Although you are giving a person, whether a trusted friend, or a family member control of your important accounts, it is still a good idea to stay involved to the best of your ability. If you want, and are able to sit and go over finances or documents before they are signed, it can relieve you of questions you may have about your standings.

The most important thing to ask yourself when selecting a Power of Attorney is “Do I trust this person?” If you do not trust a person, making them your Power of Attorney can cause struggles or problems down the line.

Colton Probate Law, located in Farmington Hills, Michigan,  can help you through questions or concerns you may have with Durable Power of Attorney. Call today to schedule your free consultation. 248-324-0800.


Attorney Michael Colton reviews

Would you like someone to review your situation and help determine if it is the right time to create your Will? Or have you had a bad experience with probate not being properly handled? Either way, if you need help or believe that something was not handled correctly, Attorney Michael Colton of Farmington Hills Michigan can address any concern you may have.

For many, writing a will is a very troubling time. You may wonder when the time comes, if everything will be settled properly. Don’t wait to take away that worry and weight off your shoulders! When Probate Attorney Michael Colton reviews your existing Will or helps you with your estate planning, you will have that peace of mind you need.

Michigan’s Probate Lawyers Gather for 51st Annual Conference

MI Probate Conference




The country’s best Probate and Estate Planning section opened its second half century of annual conferences yesterday with the ICLE Probate and Estate Planning Institute at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Michigan, setting conference attendance records.

In addition to ICLE’s usual high quality programming, a highlight this year was the presentation of the George A. Cooney Society award to long-time Michigan probate superstar John Martin. George Cooney was a greatly esteemed Michigan probate lawyer and the society in his name was created to recognize outstanding contributions to continuing legal education.

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