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Estate Disputes

When you need a trial Lawyer

Probate law, getting a will or setting up a trust are some of the things you will do to protect your assets and family. Ideally, it would be all set so that when it comes time to settle an estate, everything would go smoothly. In reality, we see that many times problems arise between immediate family members, extended family as well as other affiliated parties. In coming posts we will talk more at length on some of these issues and the different areas that may precipitate getting an aggressive trial lawyer. Estate disputes are something that can arise (and often do), without fair warning. Here are just some of the processes or issues that can come under dispute where you will need and should have an aggressive probate trial specialist.

  • Disposition on a Will
  • Conservatorship
  • Undue Influence
  • Recent Will changes
  • Surviving Spouse / Ex-Spouses
  • Caregivers
  • Children / Step Children
  • Durable Power of Attorney

All these and others have multiple aspects where at some point there can be a dispute. As indicated we will be posting more information and specifics, especially where they relate to estate disputes. Talking about having an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer may seem like its excessive or not necessary, and in many cases it isn’t.  That really isn’t the point or should not be the driving force. The purpose is to be prepared. A good probate lawyer with years of experience will look to minimize the conflict through proper review and preparation. Their trial experience will enable them to work for quick resolution. Michael Colton  probate law knows the Oakland and Wayne county court systems, attorneys and judges. He knows how to reach across the table and work toward a consensus with his experience as a probate trial lawyer and estate dispute specialist.