Probate or Guardianship Process

Finding the right attorney for your guardianship or probate needs can be a trying time. From deciding which lawyer will properly handle your case to the grief and emotions that are flowing during such a troubling time can be difficult. Michael Colton of Farmington Hills, MI has been working with Oakland County residents helping to […]

What is Probate?

After a person’s death, the assets are required to be administered through the court and overlooked by a judge. Whether the deceased person had created a will or not, this process is mandatory. The premises the deceased person owned then has to be distributed to their heirs. This legal procedure is known as probate. Probate […]

Testamentary Capacity- Oakland County, MI

Most commonly brought about with minors or the elderly who are preparing a will, testamentary capacity is the legal way of discussing the metal state of the person who is preparing the will. When charges of testamentary capacity are brought about, it usually means that the person who has prepared a will is being considered […]

Typewritten or Holographic Wills- Royal Oak, MI

When it comes to wills, there are two basic types that you need to know about: There are typed wills and there are handwritten wills. The latter are also known as holographic wills. You may be wondering, “must a will always be typewritten and signed by two witnesses in order to be valid?” The answer […]

What is a Will?

Many people in Oak Park or Madison Heights, MI have a rough idea of what a will is, but not everyone knows precisely how it works. A will is a written document, sometimes referred to as a “last will and testament,” which serves as a letter of instruction to advise a county court who should […]