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Probate Lawyer for Metro Detroit

In the Metro Detroit Court system it is very important to have someone on your side that can make the appropriate decisions and filings when it comes to Probate claims and forms. With hundred of forms out there which form you need for your probate filing can be very confusion. Colton Probate Law serves the Southfield, Birmingham, West Bloomfield area of Oakland County, helping you find a solution’s to your probate court needs.

We have years of experience handing probate claims from the transfer of property, quick claim deeds and money distribution. Remember it is the executor’s job to notify all interested parties that the person who made the will has died. That would be people in the Will or that a claim to the estate.

Because people who stand to inherit may be scattered around the country, or even the world, contacting them is sometimes difficult. A responsibilities of the executor is to compile a list of everyone who is entitled to inherit from the decedent, so attempts to contact them can be made. They also have to account for all the debts and assets.

Going through the probate court shouldn’t be a difficult task in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb County.